The Buying Process

1. Select your dream property.

Locating your dream home takes the right real estate team and experience to guide you through the process. To begin searching for your dream home now, click here.

2. Sign the “Contract for Sale and Purchase”

Closeup of hands signing a contractOnce you have found the right home, you will complete and sign an offer, known as a “Contract for Sale and Purchase.” This contract will then be presented to the sellers agent for revision, acceptance or denial. In the case of denial, usually the seller will make a counteroffer. Not only could the counteroffer include a different price, but also different terms and conditions. If this occurs, you can accept it or present another counter. This bartering continues until the terms are agreeable on both the buying and selling side. Once agreed, the sale process proceeds.

3. Request a home inspection

A home inspection is an evaluation of a property from top to bottom. We always recommend this to a buyer so you can know exactly what you are purchasing. If the inspector does find any issues within the property these can be used as terms that may in turn be noted in the contract. If any terms in the contract cannot be agreed upon, the contract is terminated and the buyer receives their original deposit. If terms are agreed upon but you decide to not go through with the purchase, then the seller retains your original deposit.

4. Closing/completion date

The closing or completion is when the title/ownership is designated to the property, the funds are distributed and all property rights are transferred. Title companies complete all paperwork and are aware of laws. The closing/completion date is pre-determined by both sides, set at the time of writing the initial contract. Cash purchases usually close faster than mortgage transactions which can take up to 12 weeks whereas cash purchases take up to 4 weeks in most cases.

5. Move into your dream home

moving in to your new homeThe home is officially yours once closing is complete. Once the buying process has come to an end, you may need additional assistance when it comes to furnishings, management companies & tax advice. We will continue to be a resource to our clients during and after the buying process is complete. We look forward to being of continued service to all of our clients.